• Subject : Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Business Forum hosts the third General Assembly meeting of the Economic Policy Support Forum
  • Date : 28-Jul-2011
  • Text :

    Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Business Forum hosted on Tuesday the third General Assembly meeting of the Economic Policy Support Forum. The meeting tackled the tasks of working teams and committees.
    HE Senator Dr. Talal Abu- Ghazaleh and the main speakers during the third general meeting of the "Economic Policy Support Forum" - 26 July 2011
    HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, Honorary Chairman of the Forum, extended his thanks to attendees for their interest and keenness on voluntary participation, emphasizing that this generous country is full of good people with sincere loyalty to their homeland.

    HE Abu-Ghazaleh indicated that this meeting is a procedural one for decision making and confirmed the increased positive response by ministers and officials in the state institutions through cooperating with the Forum, whether by attending meetings or providing committees with the data they require. He also particularly praised the cooperation of the Governor of the Central Bank, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Housing and Irrigation, the Minister of Planning, the Director General of Statistics Department and the General Director of Jordan Anti-Corruption Commission. HE Abu-Ghazaleh said that there is an increased interest to enrich the Forum with experts and interested parties, it is a huge task and we need further efforts to reach the desired results.
    The Forum chairpersons will be as follows:
    • Honorary Chairman: HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh
    • Forum Chairman: HE Mr. Taher Kanaan
    • Vice Chairman: HE Mr. Shareef Fawwaz Sharaf
    • Chairman of the Committee on the State General Financial and Monetary Policies: HE Dr. Khalid Al-Wazny
    • Chairman of the Committee on Productivity in the National Economy: HE Dr. Jawad Anani.
    • Chairman of the Committee on Major Challenges: HE Eng. Samir Murad
    • Chairman of the Committee on Jordan's Accession to the GCC: HE Ms. Reem Badran
    • Chairman of the Coordination Committee: HE Mr. Laith Al-Qasem

    Dr. Kanaan, Chairman of Forum, requested attendees to nominate vice chairmen, where the following were nominated: Dr. Yousef Mansour- Chairman of monetary policies team affiliated with the Financial Policies Committee, Dr. Mohammad Obeidat- Vice Chairman of Productivity Committee and Akef Al Zoubi- Chairman of the Agricultural Sector affiliated with the Committee on Productivity in the National Economy.
    Subsequently, the action plan was reviewed and committees' chairpersons presented a brief explanation of work objectives and phases in each committee. The meeting witnessed considerable positive contributions where a number of participants provided inputs in numerous subjects enriching the discussion. Mr. Sulaiman Al Hafez called for sending reports to ministries and concerned government institutions in order to introduce them to the Forum's work program to be considered in their future plans.
    HE Abu-Ghazaleh indicated that the Forum's website has been developed and will be launched early next August. The website is to attract opinions, ideas and information from experts and society segments, including useful articles and research, "so we shall have an important and inclusive database about the Jordanian economy."
    He added "we want to reach correct figures, data and information to provide them to the decision maker. I am confident that the state- if provided with authenticated and sound scientific achievement- will adopt and embrace it." In this respect, Mr. Abu-Ghazaleh made clear that the Forum will address letters to government and non-government bodies as well as non-Jordanian finance institutions to provide the Forum with any additional data and information in their possession by virtue of their economic relationships with Jordan.
    It was decided in the meeting to hold a press conference for committees' chairpersons on a monthly basis with Jordan News Agency "Petra" and media. Mr. Abu-Ghazaleh also praised the attention and the appropriate coverage by the Jordanian media of the Forum's activities. It was also decided that the fourth meeting of the Forum's General Assembly is to be held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday 6/9/2011 at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Business Forum.
    It is worth mentioning that the Economic Policy Support Forum was held by an initiative and upon an invitation of HE Talal Abu-Ghazaleh with a view to examining the country's economic situation and issuing an economic study using a comprehensive analytical scientific method supported by data and statistics of the economy status. Such study shall be developed by a wide participation and shall be placed at the disposal of decision makers in the country.
    The Forum mission is represented in the following:

    • The Forum serves as an independent studies center for all national economic and social issues.
    • The Forum follows up on national social plans and outcomes, examines the results and puts relevant recommendations.
    • The Forum works in cooperation with national public and private bodies in preparing the necessary studies in the national interest.
    • The Forum seeks to develop short, medium and long term economic visions for approval by the decision maker.
    • The Forum cooperates with local, regional and international donors and development bodies, civil society associations, business sector, state authorities and education sector.
    • The youth represents the vehicle, engine and first product in the Forum's activities as per the instructions and advice of experienced members.
    • The Forum practices its tasks beyond any dialogue, criticism or regional capacity and maintains its meaningful scientific and professional role.
    The Forum's principles are as follows:
    • Any useful recommendations must be based on accurate information. Therefore, the Forum- in the first phase and in all next phases- examines the economic and social situations and continuously follows up on their developments, so it can build upon them meaningful recommendations and suggestions.