Addustour Newspaper

  • Subject : An article by Mr. Khalid Al-Majali published in Addustour Newspaper regarding HE Senator Talal Abu-Ghazaleh's lecture at Shabab Addustour Forum
  • Date : 18-Apr-2011
  • Text :

    Talal Abu-Ghazaleh ..….Full bias for the Youth of the country

    Khalid Al-Majali

    In an intimate fatherly meeting that lasted for more than two hours with the Ad-Dustour youth at the “Ad-Dustour Forum “, and despite his many schedule commitments and various concerns, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh sided with the youth of Jordan first, and with the youth of the Arab nation, being himself an Arab nationalist who is concerned with -first and last- upgrading the Arab youth in general so as to achieve high degrees of progress, prosperity, and loyalty to their country and nation.

    ………..Meeting with Talal Abu-Ghazaleh seemed so simple and easy; a meeting during which he explained a life experience so simple too, pointing out that through the “blessing of suffering” and many of its chapters in his life, he started to make a great history that yielded in establishing widespread professional business group currently existing in more than one continent; he also succeeded in establishing permanent relationships with leaders and rulers of countries far from us geographically, but today – as he says: it’s a one world. In addition, he underlined his engagement in local activities that are mainly concerned with or targeting the young people of the country so as to prepare and qualify them to live up to the expectations of their leadership and aspirations of their country and they are indeed worth it … .

    The considerable experience that he has undergone since the beginning of his career - as a student at the American University in Beirut on a scholarship at the expense of UNRWA / the relief agency for refugees- to this date is considered very unique in the Arab world

    The meeting - which was attended by a good group of young Jordanians that included university students and other graduates as well as others representing various bodies - did not close with a normal ending. It actually ended by a special request put forward by many of the attendants to Talal Abu-Ghazaleh and his institutions urging him to further extend more support and attention/care to their national activities in general; he even instructed his entourage/colleagues from his Group of firms to stay away or refrain from exercising office bureaucracy in supporting any meaningful youth program.

    The great joy and happiness were visible on the faces of the youth during and after the end of the meeting. The youth had a great sense of comfort and relief due to magnanimity and profound understanding expressed by Talal Abu-Ghazaleh of their problems, concerns and challenges and the skills they need, just like some of the youth of the world who have already built their own empires, even without completing their education and have a considerable presence today in the world of money, politics and power.

    But it’s merely about their ideas and thoughts that might be simple but more importantly could work for the benefit of not only an individual or a nation but for the benefit of the whole world as the world of knowledge or "Internet" or Microsoft and other programs - that are lost into oblivion or are not loudly and adequately thought of - needs to be uncovered..

    Focus and attention given to the youth and their world have taken a large portion of the meeting, which was exceptional in its beginning and ending, and even in its results which we hope will be stimulating for many of the faithful loyalists of this country and its leadership just like Talal Abu-Ghazaleh..