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  • Subject : Bridge Initiative inaugurated at TAG-College
  • Date : 24-Feb-2010
  • Text :

    The Business Researchers' Involvement in Developing a Growing Economy (Bridge) Initiative developed by the Economic Development Program (Sabeq) funded by the (USAID) was officially inaugurated on Monday at Talal Abu- Ghazaleh College of Business (TAG-College).

    The Bridge Initiative is part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in 2009 between the USAID Jordan Economic Development Program (Sabeq) and TAG-College in a partnership that will sustain and develop the overall objectives of the Professional Communities in Jordan.

    Mr. Bassam Abu-Ghazaleh, Executive Director Of Tag-College, expressed his satisfaction with the work conducted under the Bridge Initiative umbrella stating that "This Initiative completes the vision of HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh in building a more professional and experienced society in this business world; TAG-College, as one of the most important specialized academic institutions, is happy to be part of it."

    Meanwhile, Dr. Ruba Jaradat, Economic Growth Office - USAID/Jordan said in her inaugurating speech: "The Bridge Initiative is a link between TAG-College students and Professional Communities members' from the Private Sector to direct their researches and studies in a way that serves those firms.

    "And as these researches are TAG-C course requirements, the outcome will be a win-win situation as students will benefit from applying the knowledge they have gained from the lectures and the courses on practical cases such Jordanian firms, and the firms will benefit from the output of such high quality researches," she added.

    Mr. Marwan Ata - Institutional Transformation Specialist at (Sabeq) - Economic Development Program delivered a presentation on the BRIDGE goals and objectives, Benefits, Research Fields, Confidentiality and Quality Control and Registration Process.The event was attended by a host of business people and students.