Professional Publications

Professional Publications by Member Firms (Supervision and Support)

•Arab Certified Management Accountant (2012).

•Islamic Commercial Law (2010).

•Islamic Banking and Takaful (2010).

•Islamic Capital Markets and Instruments (2010).

•Accounting for International Fund (IF) Institutions (2010).

•Leaders Outlook, TAG Graduate School of Business Magazine (2010).

•International Financial Reporting Standard for Small and Medium- Sized Entities (2009).

•The Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) Guide to Licensing Best Practices (2007).

•Anti-Money Laundering Guide (2006).

•Guide to Corporate Governance (2006).

•International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Workbook and Guide (Wiley) (2006-2008-2011).

•Authorized Arabic World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Intellectual Property Handbook: Policy, Law and Use (2005).

•Authorized Arabic “Guide for Legal Retention Period for the Merchant Books and Auditor Work Papers (2004).

•Authorized Arabic “International Financial Reporting Standards” (2003-2012).

•Handbook of International Standards on Auditing, Assurance and Ethics Pronouncement’s (2001-2012).

•Authorized Arabic “International Accounting Standards in the Public Sector” (2001-2012).

•Authorized Arabic “International Standards on Auditing and Code of Professional Conduct” (2001).

•English Translation, “Intellectual Property Laws of the Arab Countries” (2000).

•Authorized Arabic “International Accounting Standards” (1st edition 1999, 2nd edition 2000, 3rd edition 2001).

•Authorized Arabic “Business Guide to the World Trading System” (1999).

•Authorized Arabic/English “Accounting and Financial Reporting for Environmental Costs and Liabilities (1999).

•Trademark Laws in the Arab Countries: Countries Guides (1998).