• Subject : Zain Jordan, ASREN sign accord; EUROMED selects Zain for London link
  • Date : 28-Dec-2011
  • Text :

    Under a memorandum of understanding signed with the Arab States Research and Education Network (ASREN), Zain Jordan, the mobile operator in the Middle East, will utilise ASREN potential in the fiber-optic networks and cloud computing systems to serve the objectives of the organisation in making Jordan a major hub. Signed by ASREN Chairman Talal Abu Ghazaleh and Zain Jordan chief Executive Officer Ahmad Hanandeh, the agreement states that both parties are committed to improve the potential cooperation for developing joint interc-onnectivity operations and services, and to encourage joint cooperation in connectivity to ASREN e-infrastructure with the objective of enhancing collaboration in research and education in the Arab regional and global context. Also, the accord calls for directing efforts towards establishing other forms of collaboration such as digital content, software applications and services. Separately, EUROMED selected Zain to establish the optical-fiber cables link between the Jordanian Universities Network and EUROMED in London as a first phase. Later on Zain Jordan will become the main hub for scientific research by linking networks of universities in the Arab countries together, as well as connecting them with the scientific research networks around the world.