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  • Subject : New Senate appointed, Masri president
  • Date : 26-Nov-2010
  • Text :

    AMMAN (JT) –– A Royal Decree was issued Thursday dissolving the 55-member Upper House as of November 25, 2010. Another decree was also issued appointing the 60 members of the new Senate.

    The new number of senators is consistent with the increase in the Lower House seats to 120 under the new temporary Elections Law. The Constitution limits the number of senators to a maximum of 50 per cent of that of House members.

    Also Thursday, a third decree was issued reappointing Taher Masri as Senate president, a Royal Court statement said.

    The new Senate includes nine women, veteran statesmen, businessmen, academicians, opposition leaders and other members of the political, social and economic elite, according to the list.

    The list shows that 28 members remained from the outgoing Senate, while 20 left. Seven members of the chamber have resigned over the past year for different reasons.

    The Senate and the Lower House will convene on Sunday after a Royal Decree was issued Monday summoning the 16th Parliament for its opening session, where members of both chambers will listen to the Speech from the Throne.

    In a letter addressed to His Majesty King Abdullah, Masri pledged that the Senate will cooperate with the Lower House and with the state authorities and institutions, in line with the Constitution and the laws in effect.

    He said senators will work to draw up rules and regulations to facilitate and speed up comprehensive political, economic and social reform.

    He also expressed the Senate’s appreciation of the King’s efforts to guarantee significant and effective public participation in decision making, safeguard national unity, improve the living conditions of Jordanians and provide them with security and stability and best services.

    List of Senators

    Following is the complete list of the members of the Senate:

    Taher Masri
    Fayez Tarawneh
    Abdur-Ra’uf S. Rawabdeh
    Marouf Bakhit
    Abdul Hadi Majali
    Marwan Hmoud
    Taher Hikmat
    Laila Sharaf
    Riad Shakaa
    Awad Khleifat
    Hamdi Tabbaa
    Mohammad Hamdan
    Mohammad Sqour
    Amin Mahmoud
    Tawfiq Kreishan
    Abdul Ilah Khatib
    Kamal Nasser
    Aqel Biltaji
    Saleh Qallab
    Hatem Halawani
    Abed Shakhanbeh
    Salah Al Din Bashir
    Nabil Sharif
    Amal Farhan
    Mohammad Ali Alawneh
    Sharif Zu’bi
    Suhair Al-Ali
    Bassem Salem
    Hamad Kasasbeh
    Maha Khatib
    Tayseer Nueimi
    Ayman Odeh
    Ghaleb Zu’bi
    Michel Hamarneh
    Umayya Toukan
    Daoud Hanania
    Khalid Sarayreh
    Mustafa Fayyad
    Alia Abu Tayeh
    Wijdan Saket
    Abdul Hamid Shoman
    Nawal Faouri
    Ahmad Ayed Ajarmeh
    Jaafar Hneiti
    Abdul Majeed Thneibat
    Taher Fawwaz
    Nazih Ammarin
    Abdullah Habahbeh
    Nael Kabariti
    Mohammad Roud
    Ihsan Shordom
    Mahmoud Abbadi
    Nirmeen Harbi
    Ghazi Jbour
    Mahmoud Zghoul
    Talal Abu Ghazaleh
    Nadim Muasher
    Khalid Sharif
    Rima Naseef Batshoun
    Mazen Darwazeh