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  • Subject : Abu-Ghazaleh Receives Delegation from Iqtisaduna Organization
  • Date : 21-Feb-2012
  • Text :

    HE Abu-Ghazaleh expressed TAG-Org’s readiness to provide the logistic, professional and technical support to Iqtisaduna

    HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, chairman and CEO of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org) received a delegation representing Iqtisaduna (Our Economics) to develop Promising Societies Organization at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Graduate School of Business.

    The delegation included Mr. Rasmi Al Mallah, Mr. Munther Al Zumaili, Mr. Tawfiq Abu Dabsheh, Mr. Haitham Al Noubani, and Mr. Hatem Al Khateeb in the presence of a number of TAG-Org managers.

    During their visit, the delegation presented a brief about the accomplishments achieved since the founding meeting of the Organization that was held early this month in Beirut; where a micro-committee was established of the Organization’s Board members to set up the upcoming three-year strategy to be discussed at the Board’s meeting scheduled to take place in Kuwait next month. 

    The delegation stated that the Organization has bought a hospital in Saida, Lebanon, and the surrounding areas, and work is undergoing for rehabilitation and development to serve the Palestinian refugees and members of the Organization. In addition, work is currently under process to establish a university in Saida and another one in Jordan.

    Moreover, Iqtisaduna is working to be licensed in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Switzerland after being registered in London while the regional headquarters will be in Kuwait.

    From his part, HE Abu-Ghazaleh expressed TAG-Org’s readiness to provide the logistic, professional and technical support to Iqtisaduna including a revision of its studies and projects in order to be professionally issued in addition to auditing Iqtisaduna’s accounts, and providing it with the required e-programs to teach the camp refugees electronically with special focus on training and continuous training programs while helping them find job vacancies.

    At the end of their visit, the delegation extended their gratitude to HE Abu-Ghazaleh for his patronage and attendance of the founding meeting in Beirut and highly commended his initiatives to support non-profit Palestinian and Arab organizations.

    Iqtisaduna (Our Economics) is the first economic entity that was launched from Beirut in February 2012 to serve Palestinians in Diaspora and in the refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, in addition to serving local communities hosting them. Iqtisaduna is headed by Mr. Wael Al-Abed AlJader, Chairman of Board of Directors.